Goals of D-ZIB

The overall goals of D-ZIB are:

The concrete goals are:

  1. Support the development of efficient and ‘green’ technologies for inland waterway transport.
  2. Support the development of innovative logistics solutions for inland navigation.
  3. Support the development of innovations in the area of safety.
  4. Support the development of innovative financing models for inland waterway transport.
  5. Develop cooperation between inland waterway vessels and knowledge institutes.
  6. Initiate and coordinate innovation projects for inland waterway transport.
  7. Network inland waterway operators with a view to innovation development.
  8. Strengthen applied research and development for inland navigation.
  9. Prepare ‘best practice’ examples of innovation uptake in inland navigation.
  10. Improve the accessibility and receptiveness of IWT operators to innovation-oriented activities.
  11. Promote academic and non-academic education and training for inland navigation operators.
  12. Develop project development competence for operators of inland navigation.