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IWT Greening Tool

This interactive tool has been exclusively designed for shipowners and policy makers looking for emission and fuel consumption reduction of inland waterway vessels.
This tool is available in Dutch, German and French under www.eibip.eu

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  • Fuel efficiency

    Compare current and future operational costs and fuel consumption after suitable greening options in just a few steps!

  • Greening options

    Learn which retrofit greening options are the most effective for you and your vessel. See immediately the return of investment.

  • Reduce pollution

    Learn about your vessel emissions after applying greening options and the environmental impact of greening techniques.

  • Results

    Change your choice of greening options at any time and review the results for your convenience and its effect on the emissions reduction.

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The IWT Greening Tool offers state-of-the-art information about different greening option technologies to shipowners, policy makers and other stakeholders. Technologies provided are currently available for application on existing vessels. This tool will estimate of the ROI for different greening options, as well as calculate the potential impact on emissions based on the best available information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Results of any IWT Greening Tool calculation should be used as an indication only, as it is meant to support stakeholders while orientating on the best possible greening option. Always consult an expert before making any choice of greening options to your vessel. The greening technology or combination of technologies fitting your specific situation should in no case be solely based on the IWT Greening Tool results.

Get involved

Greening technologies are constantly being developed. You can contribute to the continuously effort to keeping the information up-to-date, by providing latest results of ongoing research in the field of greening of the fleet and/or providing feedback.

How to join us

Send us your feedback to help enhance the tool. If you are interested in joining us as developing partner and/of sponsor please do not hesitate to contact us: info@eibip.eu

The European Greening Tool for Inland Waterway Transport is an initiative within the PLATINA II project. PLATINA II is funded by the European Union (DG-MOVE) under the 7th Framework Programme for RTD.