Annual Report of the EBU

COP 21, the European Union’s environmental and sustainability goals,  the European Commission’s recent communication “A clean Planet for all”, climate change and the human and social agenda are a number of developments which challenge the transport sector.  Inland waterway transport is known for its positive sustainability record in various areas. The sector is committed to move foward to even improve its environmental record and to attract the sector to young people.
In December 2018 the Ministers of Transport adopted  conclusions to exploit Inland Waterway Transport to its full potential. In these conclusions the Ministers acknowledged the significant contribution that this efficient, safe and sustainable mode of transport can make towards mitigating the negative effects of the transport sector as a whole. Shortly after this was followed by the adoption of a resolution by the European Parliament early 2019. Both the Ministers of Transport and the Parliament called upon the Commission to update and renew the NAIADES II programme by 2020 and to ensure the potential of inland waterway transport as a safe, sustainable and effective mode of transport in the multimodal transport system.
The year to come is marked by institutional changes and the adoption of a new financial framework of the European Union.  We look forward to cooperate with all involved institutions abd stakeholders to realise the common policy goals to which our sector strongly can contribute to the benefit of the entire society.
Inland waterway transport is the solution to mitigate the environmental impact of transport and to contribute to European and international policy.

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